Welcome. Are you concerned about your child's future in a warming world?

Australian Parents for Climate Action is the voice for all parents, grandparents and carers of children in Australia to show their deep concern about the impact of climate change on our children’s safety and survival, now and into the future.

Together we demand immediate emergency-scale action from all levels of government and from business to safeguard the future for our children by cutting atmospheric greenhouse emissions to safe levels and protecting the ecosystems on which we all depend.

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To all Australian Parliamentarians and Councillors,

I am a parent, guardian or grandparent and I am deeply concerned about the threat that climate change poses to my children and grandchildren.

The future safety and survival of our children - and their future children - is under direct threat by the excess carbon emissions in the atmosphere, which is destroying the ecosystems on which we all depend for our survival.

Given that:

  • climate impacts are already causing serious loss of life and destroying vital ecosystems
  • global average temperature, atmospheric greenhouse gases, and ocean acidity are already at dangerous levels, and
  • wartime economic mobilisations have proven how quickly nations can restructure their economies when facing an extreme threat

it is inexcusable to continue with climate-damaging policies that put us all in even greater peril. The Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C goal is not a safe goal.

We call on all Australian federal, state, and territory parliaments and all local councils to:

  • declare a climate emergency
  • commit to providing maximum protection for all children, adults, economies, species, ecosystems, and civilisations, and to fully restoring a safe climate
  • mobilise the required resources and take effective action at the necessary scale and speed
  • transform the economy to zero emissions and make a fair contribution to drawing down the excess carbon dioxide in the air, and
  • encourage all other governments around the world to take these same actions.

We've risen to big challenges in the past when an emergency has been declared, with citizens and all sides of politics rising to the occasion and working together for the common good.

We call on all levels of government to do what is necessary now. This is an urgent threat to us all, especially our children.

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Current Actions

Where to from here?

The Federal Election 2019 was supposed to be the #climateelection - and in many ways it was (check out our #Givethekidsyourvote video here which got thousands of views!).

But whilst concern among Australian voters was the highest it's ever been, the election outcome was not a good result for climate action.

It's never been clearer that it's up to the community to lead the solutions to the climate emergency, so Australian Parents for Climate Action will continue to support parents to get together and get active and vocal in calling for urgent action to protect our children's future.

Since the election a number of local AP4CA groups have formed - join your nearest group or create your own!

Together we are getting louder and fiercer as our government is missing-in-action on solving the climate crisis.

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