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Rising Up After the Fires: Top 10 Climate Actions

Watching the recent bushfires unfold and reading about the climate scientists predictions  that climate impacts are likely to get worse, can be upsetting and frustrating. The best way to deal with this to to take action! Get your voice heard and you’ll feel better - and you’ll help us get the change we need.

Here are the Top 10 Actions you can take on climate action right now:

1. Write to your local member of parliament

They are paid to represent you so it’s important to let them know how you feel. Write a personal letter or email asking them to act urgently on the climate crisis in response to the bushfires.

Here is a letter template if you are not sure what to write: 

Find your Federal MP and Senators by putting in your postcode here:

2. Phone the Prime Minister’s office

Phoning a Minister’s office is a very quick way to make your concerns heard - it only takes 2 minutes! A staff member will take your call and make a note of your concerns and it gets collated - if they get 100 calls that day, they take note that the community is worked up about the issue! Scott Morrison’s office number is: (02) 6277 7700.

3. Switch to a fossil-fuel-free bank and super fund

Your savings can be a powerful force for good by switching over to a fossil-fuel free bank and super fund. To find out which banks and super funds are ethical go to And, if you do switch, be sure to tell your old bank or super fund why you’ve dumped them!

4. Eat Less Meat and Dairy

One third of the average Australian’s environmental footprint comes from the meat and dairy we eat. If you currently eat a lot of red meat and dairy, this week what about switching to “Meat on Mondays” where you only eat meat on Monday?!  And see if you can eat less dairy, too, by switching to non-dairy milk products.

5. Book your next holiday locally to avoid flying

One return fight from east coast Australia to London creates about 5 tonnes of greenhouse emissions. That’s about the same amount of greenhouse pollution from the electricity used in a small home in a whole year! If you’re booking holidays for this year, consider staying in Australia instead of flying overseas. Better still, book your next holiday in one of the bushfire-affected areas to help their tourism industry rebound. 

6. Get solar panels and batteries for your home electricity or Green Power

Solar panels and batteries are a great investment as well as helping to shift Australia’s energy system over to renewable energy. You can get some quotes for solar here.

Even if you can’t get solar panels, you can ask your electricity retailer to provide renewable energy for your home – called Green Power. For an independent rating of electricity retailers’ Green Power products in Australia go to:

7. Ask your cafe to stop buying Newscorp’s climate denying newspapers

Australians are getting sick of Newscorp newspapers and Sky TV continuing to deny climate science and give a platform to those who wish to block climate action. Something you can do today is ask your local cafes to stop buying Newscorp papers for their cafe. There’s a call to ditch Newscorp on 31st January so ask your cafe to join in! Go to:

8. Help the wildlife suffering from the fires

It's estimated that about 1 billion animals and creatures died during the bushfires this summer. There are many wonderful people working hard to try to save the fauna that is left - please donate to their efforts. Much more is needed. 

Donate to Zoos Victoria, WIRES, Animals Australia, Wildlife Victoria or WWF Australia.

 9. Talk to others about climate change

One of the problems with getting people moving on climate action is the feeling that nobody wants to face up to the issue - so we really need to talk about it! Ask your family and friends what they think needs to be done.

If you’re surrounded by climate sceptics then seek out a more supportive tribe - join one of our AP4CA Local Groups or start your own! Our local groups are listed here

10. Donate to Australian Parents for Climate Action!

To keep climate action at the forefront of everyone’s mind, we need to grow the organisations who are leading the way - including our group, Australian Parents for Climate Action! You can donate to us here:

There's plenty of inspiration there, but don't be overwhelmed - just do what you can today - and then a little more tomorrow. It all adds up!  


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