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We do not accept climate change: Tell Your MP!

Post-bushfires, the Federal government has started to talk about 'adapting' to climate chaos, rather than trying to stop global warming in its tracks. We need to keep them focused on the job of ending fossil fuel pollution!

As a result of the terrible Australian bushfires, the Federal government has been forced to look like it's doing something on the climate crisis, but has so far refused to change its policies and actions.

Instead the Prime Minister has started to talk about adapting to the "new normal" of severe bushfires and drought through "practical action", such as clearing more bush and getting ready for more fires.  

This is deeply worrying - we cannot accept that there is nothing to be done to reverse global warming. Australia needs to cut its emissions, as does every other developed country in the world, and globally we need to drawdown emissions rapidly.

Here is a letter you can email or mail to your local MP to tell them you want urgent action on cutting our emissions, not adapting to a dangerous "new normal". 

Your letter will be most effective if you:

  • post the letter on paper and even include a photo of your child or a drawing from them. But email is fine too!
  • tell them you are a voter in their electorate - this is important to them!
  • ask for a reply so that the letter has to go through a process of getting responded to. It may get referred to the Minister for Emissions Reduction.

If your local MP is already very progressive on climate action, you may wish to instead (or as well) send the letter to the progressive LNP members who are most likely to push for change within their own party (contact details below). Just remove the first sentence of the letter if you do this!

Here is a template letter you can use, but it's great if you can tweak it to be more personal. Try to include some local climate impacts, if you can.

Dear MP (or Senator),
I live in your electorate and want you to take action on my behalf on the most pressing issue of all time - cutting our greenhouse emissions and leading the world on climate action.

With the unprecedented bushfire crisis and drought continuing in Australia, this is the most important issue that you need to work on. 
The science is clear – positive feedback loops like bushfires further exacerbate future bushfire condition, risking property, lives, agricultural land and native habitats. We must not continue with business as usual.

We cannot allow this to become Australia's "new normal" and risk a future of even more severe bushfires and drought. This would lead to more loss of human life and ecosystems, severe food shortages and much of Australia becoming unliveable. 

Please do all you can to ensure that the government takes national action to:

  1. Commit Australia to net zero emissions and 100% renewable energy by 2030.
  2. Allow no new fossil fuel projects, including stopping the Adani mine.
  3. Prioritise a smooth and fair transition for all workers and communities impacted by the climate crisis, including fossil fuel communities and Indigenous communities.
  4. Commence a program to rapidly drawdown carbon emissions using natural climate solutions including tree planting, regenerative agriculture, kelp forest regeneration and ‘blue carbon’.

Australia has a hugely important role to play. We are the 16th largest emitter of emissions in the world. If you combine domestic emissions with our fossil fuel exports we are the 5th largest emitter in the world. 
We also need to stop obstructing climate action at the global level, and instead start leading and championing a rapid transition to zero emissions at climate negotiations. We need to embrace the opportunity of helping the world develop and take-up the solutions to global warming.
Will you act? I look forward to your reply.
Yours sincerely,
Name, Address, Phone

Find your local MP's address at this link:
You can also write to the Senators for your state - find them here:

Join our Facebook group and let us know how you go - we love to see or hear about any responses you get! Or feel free to email them to us at: [email protected]  

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