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Givethekids your vote Heidi

Federal Election 18 May 2019

We are working with our members to make this the #climateelection! We have two main goals for the election:

1. We want all parties to prioritise urgent climate action and commit to strong policies going into the election; and

2. We want all Australians to vote climate i.e vote based on the climate-related commitments of the parties or candidates.

>> Learn more about how to vote climate

We are also running the #Givethekidsyourvote campaign - the kids can't vote so we're asking the adults to give their vote to their child, grandchild or other child in their life - and vote for a safe climate future.


#Givethekidsyourvote campaign

Leading up to the 18 May Federal election we're asking all parents and grandparent to give their vote to their kids.

This can mean asking your older kids who they want you to vote for. But for younger kids who don't understand elections or the climate crisis it's really about asking adults to vote for a safe climate future for all the children they care about.

Join our campaign to spread this message and ask all the adults you know to #Givethekidsyourvote.

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