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Analysis: New gas and coal undermines Labor’s climate target, regardless of whether it’s exported

We Can’t Have Our Cake and Eat It Too

Some in the new Labor Government, and the Coalition previously have claimed that Australia can reduce its emissions, while simultaneously approving new coal and gas mines. Sounds good in theory, but in practice fossil fuel extraction and processing is one of the biggest sources of emissions in Australia, even before the coal or gas is burned.

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Would ending new fossil fuel approvals be good for the economy?

It is indisputable that fossil fuels, produced and consumed anywhere on the globe, are gravely endangering the environment on which we all depend for our food, fresh water, oxygen, physical and mental health. And we know that alternative clean industries present Australia with enormous job and investment opportunities (if Australia remains globally competitive in clean energy industries). So why are we on track to open new projects?

The International Energy Agency (whose membership comprises major fossil fuel producing countries including Australia) determined that, to avoid that catastrophic outcome, the cutoff for approvals of new fossil fuel projects was 2021. Delaying this date any later will have increasingly costly consequences and will undermine our ability to provide a duty of care to all Australians.

Yet Prime Minister Albanese has claimed – without providing evidence – that if Australia took that momentous, desperately needed step, it would “devastate” our economy

Is the PM correct? In a word, no.

A Coal Bulk Carrier

Image Credit: Daniel Norris on Unsplash

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Darwin Local Group meets with Chief Minister

We are Cara, Alice and Allana - the local group leaders in Darwin, Larrakia country. Urging our Territory and Federal MPs to do more to tackle the climate crisis has become important volunteer work for us, while we wrangle three babies and two preschoolers! Finding a way to get our message across with little people in tow was essential. What better way than a weekly climate protest playgroup – right out the front of our local MP's office – who happens to be Chief Minister Michael Gunner!

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Australian Parents for Climate Action meet and work on the lands of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and respect that sovereignty of those lands was never ceded. We pay respect to Elders, past and present and emerging, and acknowledge the pivotal role that Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people continue to play within the Australian community.