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Sign the petition: Safeguard our kids, not polluters


Let’s use our voice to make the rules as strong as possible and secure the safest climate for our kids.


All over Australia, people are taking action on climate pollution, but a handful of companies are threatening to undo all of that good work.

Right now, the Labor Government is deciding how to control climate pollution from the companies that pollute the most.

Speaking up on this issue can have a HUGE impact.

Just 10 companies account for more than half of all harmful emissions produced under the so called Safeguard Mechanism. These are the rules that govern how big polluters should act on emissions.

Together these companies have pumped out over 362 tonnes of harmful pollution since the scheme started in 2016- equivalent to the C02 produced by more than 16 million Australians in a single year!

It’s time we made the big polluters do their fair share to reduce climate pollution for a safe climate.

Our kids’ safety depends on it. This is our chance to improve the most important climate policy in Australia by creating a pollution speed limit on Australia’s biggest emitters.

But we need to show the community is actively supporting climate ambition, not more fossil-fuelled emissions.

That’s why we’re calling all parents to add their support now.


What can you do?

Your voice has power with our elected representatives, and together, our voices add up to a lot of public pressure. 

  1. Sign and share the petition.

  2. Engage with the campaign on social media with the hashtag #safeguardourkids

  3. Get a meeting with your MP and/or email them and ask them to make sure that the safeguard mechanism is strengthened and big polluters are held to account.

As you can imagine, some polluters do not want the safeguard mechanism strengthened with new baselines created and enforced. This is where Australian parents can make a difference.

We need to reduce emissions to safeguard the climate for our children and grandchildren.

330 signatures

Dear Members of Parliament,
We support real action to protect our children and grandchildren from climate harm. Make sure big polluters do their fair share to reduce climate pollution for a safe climate.

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What Could a Good Climate Action Bill Look Like?

Last week we talked about what is in the government’s Climate Change Bill. Which was to say, not much, really. In this post we look more broadly at what sort of climate legislation Australian Parents for Climate Action would like to see, based on what we proposed in our submission to the Senate Inquiry.

Source: Tingey Injury Law Firm via Unsplash

Image Credit: Tingey Injury Law firm via Unsplash

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