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Send a Christmas card to your MP and the PM!

Grab a Christmas card (or get your kids to make one) and mail it off to your local MP and/or to the PM with a personal message demanding they take the climate crisis seriously and act with urgency to protect our kids' future. If you're stumped on what to write here is some text:

Dear MP (or PM),

All I want for Christmas is a safe climate future for my kids. 

With Australia burning at an unprecedented rate and drought worsening, I am very worried about my children's future.  

We need you to take urgent action to stop climate change worsening for the sake of our kids.

[INSERT LOCAL CONCERN OR ISSUE eg bushfire smoke and your kids' health]

I ask that you take the following action to address the climate crisis:
1. Declare a National Climate Emergency 
2. Commit to net zero emissions and 100% renewable energy by 2030.
3. Allow no new fossil fuel projects to proceed, including stopping the Adani coal mine.
4. Prioritise a smooth and fair transition for all workers and communities impacted by the climate crisis, including fossil fuel industry communities and indigenous communities.

Yours Sincerely ...

Send a card to your local MP, or if you like, you can write to the PM and the Minister for Emissions Reduction:

The Hon Scott Morrison MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House

The Hon Angus Taylor MP
Minister for Emissions Reduction
Po Box 21
Camden NSW 2570


Here's a brilliant example from one of our members in Toowoomba - parents from Toowoomba sent of 47 Christmas cards to the PM and Angus Taylor the other day!


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