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3. Green up our home energy:


-  Before we bought our house and were able to get solar panels on our roof, as a first step I made sure we had 100 percent green power at our apartment through our electricity provider. You can find out how your company ranks on its renewable power mix and carbon emissions, or choose a higher ranking one, via the Australian Green Energy guide, which was updated in 2018. The guide now allows you to check rankings for companies within your home state, as well as Australia wide. PowerShop are the top rated, greenest company in the Australian Green Energy Guide and they are backed by 100% renewable energy generation.

- Get solar panels! They aren’t that expensive these days! We recently got a 6.38 kW system on our roof through a Queensland based company, otiPower. This system is the largest you can get on a residential property with a single phase power setting. It cost around $5000. We typically use 10 kW a day of electricity and I’ve noted sunny summer days where our solar panels pumped out 18 kW! For some more ideas for energy freedom in the home I recommend checking out Beyond Zero Emission’s Energy Freedom Home book. So we have joined the crew of Queenslanders with rooftop solar who effectively make up Queensland’s biggest power generator!

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