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Campaign for the Climate Change Bill 2020

The campaign for a national Climate Change Bill has begun!

Independent MP, Zali Steggall, has launched the Climate Act Now web site to generate support for the Climate Change Bill 2020. She will introduce the Bill to parliament on 23rd March.

The aim of the campaign for the Bill is to turn it into a conscience vote on climate action by asking all MPs to vote about the Bill based on what their electorate wants them to do.

You can vote on the web site to show your MP how many people in your electorate want the bill supported. 

AP4CA supports all politicians to take stronger action to cut greenhouse emissions to safe levels so we support the Climate Change Bill and encourage all our members to support it too.

If passed, it would give Australia a national binding climate change law with targets, actions and reporting.

The zero emissions by 2050 reduction target in the Bill is consistent with State Government policies and our international commitments. The Bill would require the government to also set 5-yearly targets.

While stronger, earlier targets in the Bill would be preferable, we support the Bill as the best current opportunity for stronger climate policy in Australia. The Bill has provisions for increased targets and shorter timeframes and AP4CA will continue to push for these.

A Climate Change Act would also give politicians, businesses, professionals and communities across Australia clarity and certainty.

So we encourage you to support this Bill, in any of the following ways:

1. Sign the Climate Act Now petition and encourage others to sign it at

2. Write a letter to your MP to ask them to support the Bill (see below for a template letter). For the Bill to pass, it will need the Australian Labor Party's caucus on board and at least 4 conscience votes from moderate Liberals, so talking to all MPs is useful!

3. Write to key moderate Liberal and National MPs asking them to support the Bill within their own party - unless the LNP government allow the Bill to be debated in the House of Representatives, it will go nowhere. So backbench support behind the scenes is crucial. 

How to Write Your Letter

1. Write a personalised letter - a form letter can be ignored by MPs if they get many of the same letter.

We've prepared a series of suggested points to get you started. But just write from the heart - you don't need to be an expert.

2. Attaching a visual makes the letter much more noticeable.

You could:

  • Include a photo of you and your family and/or
  • Encourage your children to create vivid ‘SAY YES’ artwork;

Enclose this with your letter or attach it to your email.

What to Say in Your Letter

It’s time to SAY YES to strong climate policy   

  • Climate change is here, and it’s profoundly affecting our everyday lives. Devastating bushfires, toxic air quality, sweltering temperatures, extreme weather events and a record-breaking drought are already impacting our health and wellbeing. To prevent things getting worse, we urgently need to cut greenhouse emissions to safe levels. 
  • The Government’s own data shows Australia will not meet its Kyoto emissions reductions commitment of 5 percent by 2020. At current projections, it won’t hit that target until 2030. 
  • We need strong, binding targets and assessment measures and independent oversight, as set out in the Climate Change Bill. 

It’s time to SAY YES to a binding national framework

I support the proposed Climate Change legislation because I think it’s vital that we have a national framework that ensures Australia has:

  • A detailed risk assessment to the challenges of a warming climate across all sectors
  • National plans for adapting to those challenges
  • National long-term plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Transparent monitoring, reporting and accountability

I support the Bill’s proposal for an independent Climate Change Commission (CCC), that would assess risks and work with Government on adaptation plans, long-term targets, interim emissions budgets and mitigation plans. 

It’s time to SAY YES to a safe future for our children and grandchildren 

  • Partisan discussion and party-room politics have choked Australia’s progress on climate policy. Enough is enough. A Climate Change Act is our chance to move past deadlocked debate, for a safe and liveable future.  
  • I urge you to support a conscience vote and Parliamentary debate on the Climate Change Bill. For the sake of your children and grandchildren, and mine, I ask that you be guided by your conscience and say yes to the Climate Change Bill. 


Who to Send Your Letter To

We've identified a number of Liberal and National members of parliament who have shown some interest in pushing for climate action. 

Here are their contact details so you can email or write a letter to them: 

Dr Dave Sharma Member for Wentworth, NSW [email protected] PO Box 545, Edgecliff NSW 2027

John Alexander Member for Bennelong, NSW [email protected] PO Box 872 Epping NSW 1710

Andrew Laming Member for Bowman, QLD  [email protected] PO Box 8024, Cleveland, QLD, 4163

Fiona Martin Member for Reid, NSW [email protected] PO Box 2028, Burwood North, NSW, 2134

Katie Allen Member for Higgins, VIC [email protected] 1/1343 Malvern Road Malvern, VIC, 3144

Jason Wood Member for La Trobe VIC [email protected] PO Box 539, Berwick Vic 3806

Trevor Evans Member for Brisbane, QLD [email protected] P.O. Box 143 Albion DC, QLD, 4010

Tim Wilson Member for Goldstein, VIC [email protected] 368 Centre Road Bentleigh, Vic, 3204

Trent Zimmerman Member for North Sydney, NSW t[email protected] PO Box 1107 North Sydney, NSW, 2060

Karen Andrews Member for McPherson, QLD [email protected] PO Box 409 Varsity Lakes, QLD, 4227

Jason Falinski Member for Mackellar, NSW [email protected] Shop 1, 1238-1245, Pittwater Road Narrabeen, NSW, 2101  

Angie Bell Member for Moncrief [email protected] PO Box 4922, Gold Coast Mail Centre, Queensland 9726 

Bridget Archer Member for Bass [email protected] PO BOX 5035, Launceston TAS 7250


If you haven't already contacted your own local MP (regardless of what party they are in) please write to them too! 

Click here for a full list of Federal MPs' contact details:

If you are unsure which electorate you are in, go here to find out:

You can also write to the Senators for your state:

Australian Parents for Climate Action meet and work on the lands of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and respect that sovereignty of those lands was never ceded. We pay respect to Elders, past and present and emerging, and acknowledge the pivotal role that Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people continue to play within the Australian community.