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Bushfire Action - Write to Angus Taylor

Australia's 2019/20 Bushfires are a turning point in climate action 

We’ve watched over this last month as millions of hectares of our bush has burned, an estimated 500 million animals have died, hundreds of people have lost their homes and more than 20 people have died in the fires.

Many more people have suffered from the smoke smothering our cities and towns

Children have been traumatised by the fires, having to escape for their lives from beach holidays or their homes. Innocence lost as our world becomes a very different place.

We have reached that climate emergency moment in Australia.

Australia is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world for global warming and it’s playing out right in front of our eyes. It’s clear that at over 1°C of global warming, it’s already putting Australia seriously under threat.

Many of you or your family will be affected right now by the bushfires. Our hearts are with you all and wishing you all safety.

We are all grieving this loss – and grieve we must. There is no point hiding the facts of what is happening to our country and our planet.  We need to feel the pain, shed the tears - and then rise up and act.

The best antidote to the grief and fear many of us are feeling is to:

  1. Talk to others close to you about it.
  2. Let your feelings come out and be honoured and heard.
  3. Then, gathering with the millions of Australians who want climate action now – let’s get even more active!

You are not alone in clamouring for change – the bushfires have prompted Australians to get angry and vocal in unprecedented levels. The Federal government has come under enormous criticism about its lack of action on both the fires and the climate emergency. 

Right now we need to let our national government know that their negligence on protecting our nation and the world from climate breakdown has GOT TO STOP. They need to take a massive U-turn on climate action now.

Right now let's focus our energies on letting the Federal Emissions Reduction Minister know that he needs to actually live up to his title!


Please send this letter by post or email to Angus Taylor this week. Then phone him as well (details below)! 

Dear Minister,

As the Minister for Emissions Reduction, you’d be appalled to know that this unprecedented fire season so far has released more than 67% of Australia’s total annual carbon budget into the atmosphere. Will Australia be taking urgent measures to reduce emissions elsewhere to compensate?

The science is clear – positive feedback loops like bushfires further exacerbate future bushfire condition, risking property, lives, agricultural land and native habitats. We must not continue with business as usual.

At a minimum we need you to lead national action to:

  1. Commit Australia to net zero emissions and 100% renewable energy by 2030, including energy exports.
  2. Allow no new fossil fuel projects, including stopping the Adani mine.
  3. Prioritise a smooth and fair transition for all workers and communities impacted by the climate crisis, including fossil fuel communities and Indigenous communities.
  4. Commence a program to rapidly drawdown carbon emissions using natural climate solutions including tree planting, regenerative agriculture, kelp forest regeneration and ‘blue carbon’.

Australia has a hugely important role to play. We are the 16th largest emitter of emissions in the world. If you combine domestic emissions with our fossil fuel exports we are the 5th largest emitter in the world. 

We also need to stop obstructing climate action at the global level, and instead start leading and championing a rapid transition to zero emissions at climate negotiations.

Will you act? I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Name, Address, Phone

Send this letter to:

[email protected]


The Hon Angus Taylor MP

Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction

PO Box 6022

House of Representatives

Parliament House

Canberra ACT 2600

The background information to the bushfires and our carbon emissions is in this article in the Sydney Morning Herald


We want to make sure the Minister really hears our demands! This week we want you to ALSO phone his office.

Please call his office and pass on your views.

If you are not in his electorate please call his Parliament Office:  (02) 6277 7120

If you are in his NSW electorate of Hume please call and make sure to tell them you are a voter in his seat: (02) 4658 7188

What to say:

Just ask the staff member to please pass on a message to the Minister, and state the facts in the letter above. Simple as that!

(Please be polite to the staff member and don’t get angry!)

Image source: Daily Telegraph


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