AP4CA Letter-Writing Campaign

One of the main aims of this group, Australian Parents for Climate Action, is to make it simple for parents to take action from home. We recognise that it's not easy for you all to get out to rallies and meetings.

So we've started a letter-writing campaign! But it's not just any old letter - it's a personalised letter from a parent.

We will be asking you regularly to write letters to politicians and businesses, but the way you write it is the key to having a big impact! In order for politicians and their staff to see your letter and notice it, you need to do the following:

  1. Write your letter on paper (or print it out) and send it by snail mail.
  2. Include a photo of your child or a drawing done by them - so it stands out.
  3. Ask for a reply to a question in your letter so that it has to go through the response process.

Making this extra effort will mean that your letter actually gets seen and read by a number of staff, including potentially the member of parliament themself. This is because:

  • Paper letters get read and processed through their office system, crossing a number of desks in the meantime - especially if you ask for a reply.
  • Emails get read (usually) but are more likely to get lost or ignored.
  • Group email campaigns are usually ignored or might get a standard group reply only.
  • A paper letter often requires a signature from the MP in the reply so they will see the response and your letter when they sign it.
  • If you include a photo or a drawing then it will catch the eye (and hopefully the heart) of every staffer and of the MP responding!

Our first Letter-Writing campaign: write to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

We're going to flood ScoMo's electorate office with our letters! Write your letter on paper and include a photo of your kids (or a drawing if you aren't comfortable with the photo idea).

We suggest you ask for urgent climate action and that he commit to the following actions:

  1. Declare a national climate emergency.
  2. Commit to no new fossil fuel exploration, including stopping the Adani coal mine.
  3. Commit to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Make sure to ask for a reply to tell you how he intends to achieve these urgent goals.

Mail the letter to:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison MP

PO Box 1306

Cronulla, NSW, 2230

Here's an example so you can see how simple it is!


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