Our Team


Suzie Brown

Ocean Grove, Victoria

I’m a mother of 6 year old Lila and I’m passionately fighting for her future. I worked in environmental education and advocacy for many years in Australia. These days I teach Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful Parenting to help Australians to feel less stressed. With the environmental destruction we’re all seeing, it’s hard not to feel anxious so I give people tools to feel happier and calmer.


Heidi Edmonds

Brisbane, Queensland

Heidi Edmonds is an environmental engineer and ecologist with a PhD investigating urban land-use impacts on freshwater creeks. She is also a freelance science communicator and researcher investigating climate solutions that address the climate emergency at climatekiss.com. She is a climate optimist, a mum of two young girls and lives in Brisbane.


Marie Carvolth

Gold Coast, Queensland

I am a coral ecologist turned green investor and climate change campaigner, but more importantly I am a mother. Like any parent, I'll do whatever it takes to give my son a safe, thriving future. That future depends on a safe climate, which is why I am compelled to fight climate change in every way I can. I'm proud to tell him I'm doing that, and I do believe we can all fix this if we work together! Our children’s future is worth more than political and corporate profits! Based on the Gold Coast, I co-organised my city's 2015 Global People’s Climate March, the 2018 School Strike 4 Climate and events for Market Forces. I am actively involved with Stop Adani, Market Forces, the School Strike 4 Climate and The Climate Reality Project. I am a Climate Reality Leader trained by Al Gore, and have delivered interactive presentations to high school students and community groups on how they can change climate change.


Leanne Burmmell


I’m Leanne. I live with my child and husband in SW Qld. I am a Relief Teacher Aide and have my own Tutoring business. I have been a keyboard warrior for about 7 years now and my first interest was saving the reef. About two years ago I joined the Knitting Nannas and started a loop out home called Knitting Nannas Balonne Shire. Whenever I have time I sit up the street and knit and raise awareness about what the gas industry is doing as it creeps closer to our Shire. More recently I have attended a few protests in Brisbane with Stop Adani and the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners. I’ve been knitting outside Santos with the Brisbane Nannas and met the Traditional Owners from the NT when they came to Qld on their Frack Finding Tour. I even gate crashed the Qld Gas 2.0 Conference late last year to sit and knit outside. I have unsuccessfully petitioned the State Government to do toxicology tests on the people living in the Qld gas fields and I spend a lot of my time now writing submissions to try and stop gas projects. At the moment I am trying everything I can to stop the town of Surat being surrounded by gas wells. Like you, I never ever in my wildest dreams thought I'd be doing any of this.


Nina Roberts

Melbourne, Victoria

I’m passionate about breaking the inertia surrounding meaningful climate action. It’s a quest of great urgency: I want my two kids to have a planet that they can live on. My professional experience has been in ecology and visual arts but to address the climate emergency I have embraced new skills in community-organising, activism and climate communication. Among other volunteer roles, I help to coordinate a parents’ climate action group in the community surrounding my kids’ primary school.


Frederike Moodie

Geelong, Victoria

Originally from Germany, Frederike has travelled the world on (and off) a bicycle, seeing first hand the impact environmental changes can have on various communities. She particularly remembers cycling through vast deserts in the Middle East that had been fertile land only a generation ago. Now mum to a 4 year old, Frederike runs a web development business, Ondetto, and looks after the AP4CA website.

Other Team Members

Jackie Mathews

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