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Australian Mums for a Safe Climate (AM4SC)

Australian Mums for a Safe Climate is a spokesperson group within the broader Australian Parents for Climate Action group. Reaching out through media not traditionally associated with climate news, we are connecting and engaging mums, parents and carers on climate.

Our Mission:

Australian mums are concerned about the future our kids face in a changing climate. We are educating ourselves, speaking up and taking action to protect our kids’ safe climate and liveable planet.

Caring: Climate change is threatening our kids’ health, happiness and safety and their right to a liveable planet and a viable future. Calling for effective action on climate and taking action ourselves is an important part of caring for our kids’ safety, health and happiness.

Here and now: Climate change isn’t something that is far off. Our children and our communities are already facing worsening heat waves, droughts, flooding and other factors.

Solutions: We already have the solutions we need to combat climate change, but they are not being taken up fast enough. We need to transition to a clean economy as quickly as possible, with renewable energy for transport, household and industrial use. Many of these solutions can benefit our families and our communities now, for example, renewable energy sources are lowering wholesale electricity prices., We also need to adapt our homes, communities, water and food sources so they can continue to support us in a changing climate.

Actions: It is time for mums and other carers to speak up loud and clear to protect our kids’ liveable planet and right to a safe climate. We are building community through talking to other mums, dads, and carers about our concerns. We call on government and industry to urgently accelerate climate action to protect our kids’ liveable planet.

Education: We are educating ourselves and others about how to care for our kids in a changing climate, and how to advocate and act to protect the climate for our kids’ safe, healthy future.

Get involved: If you would like to get involved as a spokesperson, or in community engagement, or find out more, please send us a message.

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