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#Givethekidsyourvote campaign


Authorised by Suzie Brown, Australian Parents for Climate Action

At the Federal election, May 18th, we asked all voters to #Givethekidsyourvote.

The Queensland state election is coming up next and, once again, we want all adults to think of the kids when they vote.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or just have friends with kids, we want you to think of them when you vote or even ask them who you should vote for!

  • If your children are tweens or teens, we suggest asking them which parties they want you to vote for and why.
  • If your children are babies, preschoolers or primary-schoolers and aren’t old enough to understand climate change or voting, we recommend you vote based on the kids’ best interests in the future.

We’ve seen from the School Strikes just how worried young people are about their future given the climate emergency we are facing. They deserve to have more say than we adults about who gets into power this election, since they’ll have to deal with the climate chaos if we don’t act now!

And our younger children will be too young to vote for many years. But the decisions society is making now will determine their future health, happiness and safety.

If we can give the kids our vote and make this the climate election, we can make a difference.

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